Thermo dynamics

Generally rolls can be cooled or heated by many different ways and van Baal can offer many different combinations of connections and flow-variations.

First of all we want to point out the heating or cooling media: Most often our rolls are tempered with water but there is also a possibility for thermal oil or hot steam. For more information about advantages or disadvantages of the different media we are pleased to discuss further information personally.

In regards of rotary connection (rotary) we are also free to adapt any solution that fits to our customer’s requirements. Whether you use one-way- or two-way-rotaries, threaded or K-flange-connection, B.S.P. or NPT-thread: whatever you require we can adapt our roll to your existing situation or discuss a new or better solution.

A very special focus of our thermo-dynamic engineering is the internal thermal design of our rolls as they are typically used as heat-exchanging machinery equipment. So it is not only the mechanic design and it’s requirements of stiffness but also fluid-flow-design to guarantee best heat transfer and thermal properties.

The following sketches will give some impressions of „what’s possible“. For further details we would be glad to serve you with a technical advice for a proven system or any other solution:

Drum with dip pipe
Heating/cooling medium is guided inside the drum easily.

Drum with nozzles on pipe
Heating/cooling medium is guided to a special part of the roll before it comes out again.

Rolls with inner body (without spirals)
Heating/cooling medium is guided through the gap between sleeve and inner body.

Roll with center-feeding
Heating/cooling medium is guided to the center and divided to both ends of the roll.

Roll with peripheral boreholes
A massive, solid roll is manufactured with a huge number of peripheral boreholes that guide the medium.

Roll with 1-way counter-flow design.
Heating/cooling medium is guided through every second channel, before it comes back through intermediate channels.

Roll with multi-start counter-flow design
Heating/cooling medium is guided by internal pipes to several starting points and comes back either through intermediate channels or via internal pipes.

Roll with multi-start spiral, degressive pitch
Heating/cooling medium is guided is flowing through several channels of degressive spirals and will be accelerated continuously to minimize both temperature difference and pressure drop.