Engineering and Service

Prior to manufacturing there is detailed analysis and calculation of the roll design as a major part of our engineering-capacity . Thus we can guarantee optimized function and reliability.

In addition we can offer a detailed analysis and measurement of the status quo as a part of this package. If useful, we can not only discuss this with our customer’s but also take measurements and an on-site-analysis in order to follow up with agreed conclusions and recommendations for manufacturing of a new roll or modification of the line.

Quite often we have developed new ideas or even patented designs such as Jet-Roller or HGW-roll that are based by on ideas discovered during our on-site-analysis.

Finally we have much greater analysis capability back at our factory to carry out all kinds of detailed roll inspection .

All measurement techniques are part of our engineering process and are the first steps for repairing an old and damaged roll

Roll repair is a very important part of our service business:
Quite often this includes:
• Repairing damaged journals
• Or even changing or modifying journals
• cleaning internal channels
• new coatings onto roll bodies
• Complete new surfaces.

We have a fleet of our own trucks to facilitate pick-up and delivery of rolls