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Josef van Baal GmbH was founded in January 1976 as a “workshop for mechanical engineering and turning operations”. In the early years van Baal offered a huge range of manufacturing applications, but with the passing of time rolls for the plastics industry became more and more the main focus of van Baal’s business and profession.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s van Baal became a well known roll-manufacturing partner for the German machinery market. In those days, the workshop expanded several times and finally the company moved to it’s present address “industrial area Fichtenhain” in Krefeld. At the beginning of the new millennium another neighboring workshop acquired and the factory floor was expanded yet again.

There then took place a change in the company’s strategy and philosophy: The strategy was to become a proactive roll manufacturer rather than a passive one. Previously van Baal had worked in co-operation with the customer and it’s know-how but now the philosophy is to develop and manufacture new products for the customer. Therefore the focus has changed to “engineering, development and consultancy”. The Company is utilizing modern computer-based engineering tools; its own patents and several scientific engineering projects are currently being developed. Furthermore van Baal has introduced several new technologies for laboratory-lines and for production lines, that although not patent registered they are still successful.

This “change in philosophy” and the focus of engineering and technical support from design-phases’ to the start-up/planning phase has been greatly appreciated by our long-term business-partners. Thus van Baal’s two decades of existing client base has significantly expanded throughout Europe and the whole world.

Additional workshop capacity was acquired in 2006 to enable the company’s latest expansion and this now represents the current site and location.

By now you’ll find van Baal’s products in almost all well-known film- and sheet production lines as also in extrusion coating, coating and laminating lines throughout the world of the plastics industry. Additionally we serve our customers with products for stretching, embossing, annealing as also with rolls for steel or aluminum conveyor lines, too.

Precision rolls made by van Baal are used for the production of high-quality films, sheets and any kind of extrusion-coated material. Based on 30 years of experience in manufacturing high-precision, double-shell rolls, we can offer detailed knowledge in solving specific problems for our customers. Whether new rolls or modifications, repairs or inspection, we are here to solve your problem.


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